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SES Mini Electric Screwdriver (96+6) Space Gray AM-199811-G

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  • Small & Precise Power- SES MINI Electronic Screwdriver Set is designed with a 200r/min rotation speed, providing powerful performance and high work efficiency. The SES MINI Electric Screwdriver with its portable lightweight design lets you carry it easily as well.
  • Circular Arc Surface Design - SES MINI Electric Screwdriver handle adopts a square shape with a circular arc surface, giving you better control of the power screwdriver during work, while making the grip more comfortable. The circular arc surface allows arthritic hands to grasp it without fatigue.
  • Magnetic Design & Dual Mode - The case of this SES MINI electric screwdriver closes magnetically, and is loaded with a variety of bits ordered by size. With a magnetized area, the drill can be magnetized when it touches. Buttons for forward and reverse rotation of the power screwdriver are clearly marked. This dual-mode meets your requirement of tightening or loosening screw bits.
  • 96 Bits For Multipurpose - The precision screwdriver set is equipped with 96 different types of bits. This mini electric screwdriver can assemble and disassemble most 3C products, laptops, four-axis unmanned machines, glasses, clocks, toys, models, etc., which is very suitable for people who like electronic equipment.
  • Long-Lasting Battery - Equipped with a 350mAh battery, with long battery life, once you get this precision screwdriver set, you can use it for a long time without charging. In addition, this mini electric screwdriver can tighten a total of 900 screws. The USB-C port is convenient for you to charge at any time. Our electric screwdriver doesn't charge off of USB-C PD chargers , it only supports USB-A to USB-C charging.