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SES PRO Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver With Alu Case (34 in 1) Space Gray AM-199913-G

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  • Aluminum alloy
  • Upgraded Excellent Torque Screwdriver; SES Pro Electric Screwdriver Set is equipped with the best 32-bit microprocessor, 3-axis gyroscope and has a HD OLED interface. The user-friendly interface of the SES Pro is seamless and allows for torsional force and speed to be fully adjustable with a single on/off button. SES Electric Screwdriver Set is also equipped with 34pcs high-quality S2 steel bits which are perfectly matched to daily use.
  • High Performance & Precise Power; The SES Pro electric screwdriver has 200r/min rotate speed, providing powerful performance and high work efficiency. Electric/manual mode with 0.049 N.m - 0.20 N.m/3 N.m. Dual mode meet your requirement of tightening or loosening screw bits. The status of tightening or loosening the screws will be displayed in the OLED screen and the animation shows the direction of rotation of the bit.
  • Battery Life; Formulated high-capacity lithium battery makes more effective use of the internal space of the product. Under the premise of maintaining the torque and power required for normal operation, the volume of the SES Pro is reduced by more than 20% on average compared with the current similar products, and the lithium battery capacity can reach 500mAh, which makes SES Pro longer.
  • Circular Arc Surface Design; SES Pro handle adopts a square shape with a circular arc surface, breaking the circular design of the traditional cordless power screwdriver, making it better to control the screwdriver during work and the grip is more comfortable. While effectively protecting the motor from overload, the precision screwdriver is also properly protected in manual mode. Available in automatic or manual modes, you can use it by manual move when the power is insufficient.
  • Multifunctional Precision Screwdriver Set; The electric screwdriver is equipped with 34 different types of bit. It can assemble and disassemble most of the 3C products, laptops, four-axis unmanned machines, glasses, clocks, toys, models,etc


  • 34 bits