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AM-230672 SDS Mini22 PLUS Electric Drill With Alu Case + Benchtop Drill Press (Space Gray)

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  • ✅【Compact Size and Powerful Performance】-Our pocket-sized power drill features a 500mAh LiPo battery and a comfortable metal housing that fits perfectly in your hand. With a rotation speed of 600r/min, it provides impressive power and work efficiency. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it's ideal for installing lighting in models and working in tight spaces. This drill is both lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable grip for users.
  • ✅【Easy Bit Change and Versatile Drill Set】-The precision drill set comes with 10 different bit sizes, ranging from 0.6mm to 2.2mm, and a 2.35mm diameter shaft. It's perfect for drilling various materials such as plastic, wood, shells, and leather. The bits are easily interchangeable without the need for additional tools. The drill set comes in an aluminum case that securely holds the bits with magnets, allowing for easy carrying and storage.
  • ✅【Enhanced Illumination and LED Indicators】-Equipped with four shadow-less lights and LED indicators, our drill provides excellent visibility while working. The work lights at the chuck illuminate the drilling area, ensuring precise and accurate results. The LED indicators display the remaining battery power, giving you a clear idea of how much charge is left.
  • ✅【Convenient One-Button Operation】-Our drill features a user-friendly one-button design. With a single press, the drill rotates clockwise. Pressing it again switches the rotation to counterclockwise, and a third press turns off the drill. This eliminates the need to continuously hold the button during use, adding convenience to your work.
  • ✅【Industrial-Grade Benchtop Drill Press】-For precision work requiring high accuracy, our Arrowmax drill press is the perfect choice. Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it's precisely machined to ensure stability and high-quality finishing. The corrosion-resistant alloy maintains strength and improves production efficiency.
Color: Space Gray