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About Arrowmax

About Arrowmax

In the world of RC model cars, we have multiple RC world champion drivers around the world as our ambassadors. The signature hexagonal honeycomb tools in black and golden colours are awarded for the following awards.

- 2017 Hong Kong Emerging Brands Award 

- 2018 Asia International Invention Gold Award 

- 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Consumer Product Design Award (Hong Kong Awards for Industries Consumer Product Design Award) 

-2021 The German RedDot Innovative Product Design Award (Innovative Product Design Award)

We have always adhered firmly to the business philosophy of "innovation, creativity, and creation", with the motto of "A craftsman must first sharpen his tools in order to do good work." 

With a group of R&D and professional designers, the team develops precision CNC processing productions to meet client’s needs. Freemax Technology Co., Ltd. founded OBM brand ARROWMAX in 2010. The self-designed space gray hexagonal honeycomb appearance aluminium alloy tool was patented in 2013. As since, we have provided OEM and ODM for numerous international top remote control model car brands. 

In 2020, the company has further strengthened the "Internet + X Industry" on both online and offline platforms focusing on brand marketing, sales and after-sales support. 

 Brand story: 

ARROWMAX; the idea of the brand creation originated from a speed arrow that flies with no limits. ARROWMAX represents a sense of speed, a direction to move forward, sharp and agile and produces exquisite high-end products. The brand combines futuristic elements such as creativity, design, and technological knowledge to bring out the best in a product. We are constantly promoting, developing and pushing the boundaries to popularize model car technology, youth science & technology sports education. 

Brand Positioning: 

ARROWMAX is mainly engaged in high-end products for high-end customers in the professional remote control model car industry with a high reputation across the world. Brand Image: 

The Hollywood film by "MARVEL STDIOS" movie series "ANT-MAN AND THE WASP" and "The Cloverfield Paradox" represents the space gray hexagonal honeycomb appearance aluminium alloy tool space as futuristic. 

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